7 Reasons to get Solar Panels Installed

Like a lot of people in the U.K, and around the world, you might be asking yourself whether or not it might be time to install solar panels on your business or home. If you’re unsure about the benefits of Solar Panels, or why it is that so many people across the country are having them installed, then fear not! Keep reading as we offer you 8 reasons why so many people are choosing solar power, and why you should too! 

1. It’s a Renewable Energy Source.

The way that most people in this country get their electricity is from the national grid, which uses a number of fuels like Coal, Natural Gasses, to generate electricity that is then pumped into our homes to power our appliances. Most of these energy sources are non-renewable and terrible for the environment; it’s estimated that the UK uses around three hundred two billion nine hundred eighty-five million kWh per day, which is roughly equivalent to leaving your TV on for one billion five hundred fourteen million nine hundred twenty-five thousand days. Surely there’s something you can do to both offset some of the carbon emission released every day while saving money? Yes, there is! You can install Solar Panels on your home and business!

2. Futureproof your Energy needs.

With the help of our expert team, installing solar panels can be a simple and painless procedure. As solar technology progresses, it becomes even easier to create more panels that are more efficient and easier to make and install. The future of energy is fairly unknown. As fossil fuels become more and more scarce and their cost increases, renewable and free to use energy sources, like Solar Power, will become increasingly important and useful. There’s no telling what the state of fuel production and consumption might be like in 10-20 years, so choosing now to install solar panels in your home or business can ensure that you are setting yourself up for success!

3. Save Money!

By installing solar panels on your home or business, you are making a big step towards saving yourself plenty of money down the line. The more energy you are able to generate from your solar panels, the less energy you will need to buy from the national grid, saving you money and increasing your independence from the grid. With temperatures rising and summers becoming longer, there’s no telling exactly just how much you’ll be able to save by installing solar panels. 

As solar panels become increasingly useful and important for families and businesses across the UK, the price of solar panels has also fallen by around 88%, due to new methods of manufacturing and improvements in the technology. It might help to think of installing solar panels on your home or business as an investment into your future, saving you money down the line and investing in a greener tomorrow, using renewable energy to save you money and time. You can always trust that solar power will be available and it will never run out!

With energy costs increasing across the board, installing solar panels and increasing your independence from energy suppliers can be a big step towards cutting costs and decreasing your bills. While we can’t guarantee that the energy companies won’t increase their costs again, we can guarantee that your dependance on them as energy suppliers will definitely improve, and hopefully decrease your energy costs!

4. Property Value

You might think that it would be a waste of money to pay for solar panels to be installed on your property before selling and moving elsewhere, but you’d be wrong. Current trends in both the property and energy markets suggest that a home with solar panels is a good investment for both owners of the property and prospective owners of the property, providing there are proper explanations of energy efficiency and fuel cost savings in the marketing of the property. Solar panels are an attractive benefit to investors or prospective buyers, and some experts believe that this will only increase in the years to come with the possibility of energy prices increasing further. 

5. Efficiency

Getting your electricity from the national grid isn’t actually the most efficient way to generate your electricity. A lot of energy is actually lost as it is transported from the grid to your home, for example in 2021 around 9% of the energy that was generated last year was wasted, which is around a quarter of the total energy used by households in that year. To put it in other terms, the total amount of energy wasted in transmission could have powered another 932,500 homes. 

When your energy generator is on your roof, a lot less energy is wasted, and if you generate any excess energy it can be fed back into the grid or stored in home batteries to be used at another time.

6. You can generate electricity even when it’s cloudy!

Even though, for most of the year, the UK can be grey and cloudy, that’s no reason to not get solar panels installed on your home or business! Solar panels can still generate electricity and harness solar energy on a cloudy day, however they can generate far more in direct sunlight. While you might not be able to generate as much energy in January as you can in July, hopefully you will have plenty of excess energy stored in home batteries that you can use when the sun’s not shining! Either way, you will still be saving money and using clean energy!

7. Peace of Mind

More than anything, installing solar panels on your property can bring you peace of mind. As the future of energy becomes troubling with the scarcity of resources, the increase in carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses, and the cost of energy skyrockets, having your own energy provider built into your property can bring you the peace of mind that you don;t need to worry.  You can think about it like insurance, you’re paying for the ease and the reassurance of knowing that your energy needs are sorted if you need them to be. Solar panels can generate electricity every day of the year, and with the technology constantly improving and becoming more accessible, there’s no telling where the industry will be in the future. 

So, whether or not you’re convinced, why not request a free quote from us at Chiltern Solar and see how we can help your family or business produce clean, renewable, and reliable energy to bring you the independence, savings, and peace of mind that you might need!

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