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With energy prices constantly on the increase, investing in Solar Power is a great opportunity for businesses, large and small. At Chiltern Solar, we offer tailored commercial solar solutions to help businesses cut energy costs and adopt sustainable practices. Our team of experts designs, installs, and maintains solar systems according to your company’s unique requirements

Anticipating a twofold surge in electricity prices over the coming decade, safeguarding your business against mounting bills becomes imperative for sustaining a competitive edge. Opting for solar solutions not only shields you from escalating costs but also positions your business as a forward-thinking, cost-efficient entity in the market.

How installing Solar Panels on your Commercial Property will help you;

  1. Energy Bill Reduction: Embrace solar installation to significantly reduce energy expenses and shield your business from future cost hikes.
  2. Carbon Footprint Reduction: Opt for solar solutions to actively decrease your carbon emissions, showcasing your commitment to environmental sustainability.
  3. Government Incentives: Capitalize on a Government Schemes, such as Low Carbon Workspaces and save up to £5,000.00 on your install.
  4. Energy Storage Advantage: Harness surplus solar energy by storing it in batteries, maximizing self-consumption and increasing your energy resilience.

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All our installation engineers and solar products are accredited under the Governments micro generation scheme (MCS) ensuring that our products and services are certified to a consistent and high quality standard.


Solar PV panels are built to last for at least 25 years and most manufacturers offer a 25 year output warranty on a sliding scale. e.g 10 year guarantee on performance output to 95% and 25 year guarantee on a performance output of 85%

Inverter manufacturers generally offer a 10 year warranty which can be extended to 20 years for a small fee if requested.

Alongside the manufacturers guarantee’s, Chiltern Solar offer a 10 year workmanship guarantee for extra peace of mind.

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