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Energy Saving Devices

Immersun & iBoost Energy Saving Devices

Heat your water with Solar PV & utilise 100% of your exported solar energy



An  ImmerSun or iBoost energy saving device will monitor the electricity you generate from your solar pv system which is about to be exported to the grid and divert it to heat the hot water for your house. It will automatically direct any excess electricity generated, not used by the house, to the immersion or iBoost heater in your hot water cylinder. If the load from the house increases e.g. the washing machine is turned on the device will reduce the amount it sends to heat water to help you maintain independence from the grid.

  •       Use free electricity when you are out 
  •       Increase your return on investment
  •       Use 100% of your free electricity


Voltage Optimizers

Voltage OptimizersVoltage Optimizers are money saving domestic voltage optimisation units that work in harmony with any Solar PV installation, providing immediate savings on electrical energy usage, typically between 5-13%.

A VO unit is simply connected between your Meter and your Distribution Board, It will then intelligently optimise the voltage supply to all the electrical appliances in your property.




Owl Intuition-PV  Monitoring Device

The Owl Intuition- PV Monitoring Device allows you to monitor your PV generation, export and the overall consumption from your solar panels. The online dashboard gives live readings at 12 second intervals and a historical account of your usage helping you improve your power usage habits and to see when your solar panels are performing at their best.

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