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What is solar photo voltaics or PV ?

How does solar PV work?

How will I know if my house is suitable for solar PV panels?

How much sunlight do you need for Solar PV?

What size of Solar Energy system will I need?

Where should the Solar PV panels be placed?

What does a site survey involve?

How much roof space will I need?

How do I guarantee the quality of my Solar PV product and installation?

Will I need planning permission?

Will the Solar PV panels still work in the winter time?

If there is a power cut do I still receive electricity?

What if I produce more Solar Energy than I need?

How do Solar Panels perform at different angles and orientations?

How can the energy benefits of my Solar PV system be maximised?

How much can I save on my electricity bills?

How much carbon will I save?

Will my system be MCS accredited?

How long will my Solar PV system take to be installed?

Do the Solar Panels need maintenance?

What guarantees are there for Solar PV equipment and installation?

How long do Solar PV systems last?

What happens if something goes wrong?

Is a deposit required?


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