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Infrared Heating Panels


Chiltern Solar are now installing Infrared heating panels, which are the very latest wave in heat-efficient-technology. The benefits, financial and health, are multi-fold and its proven reputation across Europe unsurpassed.

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Infrared heating panels have been designed to compliment any room in the home or workplace, with options in panel designs, frames, colours and sizes ensure that this innovative system enhances any room layout beautifully.

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  • Save up to 50% on gas heating.
  • Save up to 80% on traditional electric heaters.
  • Low carbon energy efficient heating. (40-80% Carbon Reduction)
  • German manufactured technology.
  • 5 year extendable manufactures warranty.
  • Expected 2-7 year return on investment

Health Benefits

  • Improves your metabolism.
  • Benefits your circulation.
  • Reduces and eliminates mould.
  • Reduces dust and pollutant circulation.
  • Detoxifying effects.
  • 100% safe for all living things.

How it works?

Far infrared heat works exactly like the world’s largest natural heater – the sun. Using the principles of conversion, our panels use far infrared waves, which produce heat when they touch a surface such as a wall, an object, or our bodies rather than heating the surrounding air.


Once an object begins to heat up it radiates heat back into the room so the heating is felt almost immediately.

This is a far more efficient way than traditional convection heating which causes hot air (which is very poor at heat retention) to rise and then as it cools it drops, resulting in warm and cold areas in a room. Our system helps to eliminate this problem entirely.


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