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Chiltern Solar specialise in the design and installation of solar pv panels and will give you the latest impartial expert advice on the best panels, inverters and monitoring systems, for your specific circumstances, in the market place.

We include the leading quality and highest performing brands in our range to give you confidence and peace of mind as well as the best value for money solar panels to give you further flexibility on your budget.

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Immersun  or iBoost unit for Solar PV

Heat your water with Solar PV & utilise 100% of your exported solar energy

immersun-v1-300x286 iBoost-Energy-Saving-device

An  ImmerSun or iBoost energy saving device will monitor the electricity you generate from your solar pv system which is about to be exported to the grid and divert it to heat the hot water for your house. It will automatically direct any excess electricity generated, not used by the house, to the immersion or iBoost heater in your hot water cylinder. If the