Solar Panels In Reading, Berkshire

Solar Panels – Reading, Berkshire

We spent literally months investigating, trying to make sense of all the data available, including Government internet sites.  We then selected four companies to quote and advise us on the best way to go because, we are very cautious people and do not trust easily.

Company one, was way over priced and tried to baffle us with science – Company two, couldn’t be bothered – Company three, was good but we didn’t feel confident enough.   Company four,  Chiltern Solar – no sales patter just information, guidance and a price. More support than you can shake a stick at. (All the way through) If we have a question or issue now or in the future, we just pick up the phone and the support is there.  Don’t think it gets much better than that.

We are very impressed with the way everything came together. We knew what was happening at every stage, from the agreement to completion. Very experienced and knowledgeable staff – clean and tidy. Apart from the panels on the roof and a few little components in other places, you wouldn’t even know the work had been carried out.

To give an idea of what’s what – the system is 4Kw, the work was completed on the 23rd Jan 2015. The first meter reading was 1.2 Kwh and on the 23rd March it was 398.1 Kwh.    The weather over the two months has not been that good but, we think we have done very well. We also had I-boost unit fitted. To date the amount of energy diverted to heat the hot water tank is 51.68 Kwh. ‘

P.Crouch – Reading, Berkshire

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