Battery storage

Adding a battery storage solution to your home or business minimises your reliance on the National Grid and reduces your electricity bills. Battery systems can be installed at the same time as solar panels,  retrofitted to your existing solar PV system or can be used to store cheaper energy at night on an Economy 7 tariff from your electricity provider.

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Tesla remain the market leader in home battery storage with the Powerwall 2. Download our Free Guide to learn more.

Retrofit battery storage to an existing solar PV installation

A solar battery storage solution enables you store the surplus  electricity generated from your solar PV panels for use at a later time so that it’s not just sent back to the grid.  If you already have solar panels, then buying solar batteries will help you maximise the solar electricity you can use.


Battery as part of a new solar install

Including a battery  storage system to a new solar PV install is easy. The two systems operate independently, it simply monitors your grid export and pops any surplus into the battery. We can advise you on the best sized solar system and battery storage package that suits your families usage and budget.

When you buy a solar PV system you get low VAT at 5%. The good news is that if you buy a battery system at the same time, you get the same low VAT rate of 5%.


Battery storage for Economy 7

If you move to an Economy 7 energy tariff, the cost of electricity is about half price between 11pm and 6 am. However, for most people who are tucked up in bed that is not very useful.

With a battery, you can automatically store the energy at night when it is cheap, ready for your family to use in the morning rush; cooking, showering and boiling kettles. You can do this even if you don’t have solar.


Remember – a home battery storage solution gives you three things:

You get to keep and use all the solar you generate

Buy cheap electricity while you sleep

Keep warm with an emergency power supply


Did you know that in a power cut, without electricity, you cannot run a gas boiler?

Even if your heating is gas, when the electricity stops so does your heating.

Our engineers can provide an automatic system to switch power in the event of a power cut. Popular choices are to power heating systems, lighting circuits, freezers and a charge point for phones.


Introduction to battery storage

Solar PV systems generate all of their energy during the day, which is when the average home owner consumes the least amount of electricity and has the lowest self-consumption demand.

The introduction of a Solar battery storage system will enable the utilisation of any unused electricity by feeding the excess power into Solar batteries which can be used later in the day when the solar PV is no longer generating.


Maximise Your Investment

PV Battery System
  • More solar energy utilised.
  • Less electricity purchased from the grid.
  • Feed essential appliances.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Compatible with any system.
  • Simple monitoring dashboards.






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