How my Solar PV is performing one year on

A customer’s testimonial one year after install

‘I have left it for exactly one year before sending this testimonial in order that I might add the results of my energy saving with some accuracy.

First of all, the installation. I made enquiries to several companies offering installations,one or two of which were obviously third rate (one “guaranteed” a return of over 20k p/a!)
Chiltern Solar came across as a very honest and sincere company; they came the day after I contacted them ,surveyed the property and produced a quote within a few days.

The installation was carried out with no fuss or drama,everything worked and I was given a comprehensive tour to show me what had been done and how it worked.

All in all it was a superb job executed with the utmost efficiency, skill and courtesy and I can thoroughly recommend Chiltern Solar.

Now the results.
I had a 12 panel 3.24 kilowatt installation and also had a device called an Immersun fitted.This means that, instead of directing any unused energy back to the energy company at 4.5pence/kw redirects it to heat your water.This is probably the most important part of the installation.I have had constant hot water form the beginning of April until now and it’s not cost a penny!

It was estimated that my system would produce 3,185 kw during the year;it has produced 3,326kw, giving me an income of 570 pounds

I have used 1407kw heating my water,thus saving another 202 pounds and if I have used half of the. remaining energy produced on other household electrical appliances,that will have saved a further 138 pound.

My total savings for the year has been 910 pounds and I have received a return on investment of 13.75%.I estimate that it will take about 7 years to repay the cost of the installation, leaving 13 years of profit.

To sum up, a return of 13.5% on investment is superb, I wish that I could get that for the rest of my savings! I think that solar energy is a great investment, and it makes you feel good too!’

K Robbins    Chesham, Buckinghamshire

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