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We wanted one place to contact and one company to work with.

Before we decided on solar power we explored the various aspects of a solar solution and decided that we would like solar panels, a battery and later on, a car charging point. These were our requirements and we wanted to make sure that we chose a company that could help us with every aspect of the work - we wanted one place to contact and one company to work with.

During our review of vendors, we quickly discovered was that it is like the “Wild West” in the solar market, and there are still plenty of cowboys! Finding a professional company that would also be willing to listen to our needs (rather than provide the ‘cookie cutter’ approach) was extremely important to us, and we quickly decided that cost (while very important) was not the only consideration. In the end, we based our calculations on a 5+ year view of Return on Investment (ROI). After a lot of Internet searching, talking to others who had solar installations, various quotes, and not a few calculations, we decided on Chiltern Solar, and have not been disappointed. They have been highly professional to work with, quickly clearing up any confusion we might have, and doing the work on time and according to budget.

We would highly recommend Chiltern Solar.

Chiltern Solar on site at Harding Road, Chesham in Buckinghamshire

Chiltern Solar recently completed two solar projects in Harding Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. The two customers who are direct neighbours in the road had researched the benefits of installing solar PV at their premises and wanted to achieve the maximum return on their investment. They approached Chiltern Solar to advise, design and install their solar system and manage their project from start to finish.

“From the initial discussions with Chiltern Solar to the final handover after installation, we received a professional service and felt we were kept informed of every aspect of the work. The discussions we had before we signed up were extensive and thorough and we felt comfortable with the decision we had made. All our questions were answered promptly and clearly and we had a good understanding of the benefits of choosing solar power.

Throughout the installation period the engineers were courteous, knowledgeable and provided good communication.After the panels were fitted there was more contact from Chiltern Solar to ensure the system was perfect and we were happy.

In the short time since fitting we have generated over 400 kwh and this is helping to reduce our electricity costs and we will be paid for the solar power we have generated by our energy provider. A great long term investment. Thank you, Chiltern Solar.”

J Reynolds – Buckinghamshire

“As a retired Chartered Surveyor, I know that the “man on the tools” is a vital factor in any work. So, for the installation of solar panels on my house, I did not favour a large company with unknown, sub-contractor labour.

The team lead by Steve Gamston of Chiltern Solar gave sound advice and each member (electricians, roofers, scaffolders), specialises in this type of installation. Consequently, the work went like clockwork and was faultless. All cabling was routed through the roof space or externally, so that the inside of the house was not disturbed. (Even my wife, to whom all builders are anathema, was impressed!) There are no moving parts and all major components are covered by long-term guarantees. Although, initially a sceptic, I am now convinced that the installation will operate efficiently for many years to come.
Generation of electricity is well on course to give an estimated 9.5% annual return (tax free, rising with inflation, guaranteed for 25 years)on our investment. (I wish all my pension arrangements were so). During just 25 days, the Chiltern Solar installation has generated 350 kWhs of electricity, which will repay £176, whereas the same investment in Premium Bonds produced one £25 prize about every other month. In short, I recommend anyone with a roof and wishing to make a safe investment to consider having a solar panel installation by Chiltern Solar.”

D. Caruth – Buckinghamshire

Solar PV Install – Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

I am delighted with the service, product and price from Chiltern Solar. After spending time considering my options with 4 other companies, Chiltern Solar were the clear choice. They are extremely helpful and honest. I think there are a lot of companies in the market looking for a quick buck, and will tell you anything to take your money. From my experience this does not apply to Chiltern Solar. They gave me a competitive quote and have delivered on all their commitments. After sales care has also been excellent, and I found it easy to sort all the

paperwork you need to get the FiT and export tariffs with their clear and very quick responses. I am extremely pleased with my choice. Thank you so much to the team at Chiltern Solar.

M.John – Grt Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Black Solar PV Panel Installations – Rushden, Bedfordshire

We are very pleased with our solar panels and couldn’t recommend Chiltern Solar more highly. From the start our relationship was very professional – everything explained and questions answered. Panels were delivered one day and fitted the next with an experienced team working together smoothly. We were amazed at how smoothly it went.

P. West – Rushden, Bedfordshire

Commercial Solar Install – Chesham, Buckinghamshire

We are delighted we chose Chiltern Solar (on both technical solution and price).. Every one of the team, were excellent every step of the way. They did exactly what they said, quickly, efficiently and professionally and were a joy to work with. The sun is shining and we have even more reason to thank Chiltern Solar and their team..

H.Griffiths – Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Solar PV – Brackley, Northants

Chiltern Solar worked professionally, methodically and quietly, without any interruption to our daily life.Their expertise and knowledge resulted in a flawless installation, which was completed well within a day. The solar array has worked perfectly from completion. Continued and on-going help and advice gives me total confidence with Chiltern Solar, therefore I would highly recommend this company for your solar installation.

J. Brock-Mezciems – Brackley, Northamptonshire

Solar PV – High Wycombe, Bucks

We chose Chiltern Solar because we were really impressed with their representative when he came to estimate. He was understated and methodical, listened to what we said, and explained everything clearly. At no point did we feel he was trying to sell us anything – just to explain the options. Communication was clear and responsive but not pushy; installation happened on the agreed day and was incredibly quick clean and of a high standard of workmanship. A very satisfactory transaction. Thank you very much.

A.Saunders – High Wycombe, Bucks

Solar PV – Bicester, Oxon

After a couple of false starts with “national” firms who to be perfectly honest were rubbish, I came across Chiltern Solar using that well known search engine and decided a smaller operation was what we needed.

I am pleased to say Chiltern Solar fulfilled our needs exactly. Very personable and knowledgeable and even after a very thorough first meeting they were more than willing to take a lot of questions to make sure we arrived at the right solution for us. We couldn’t get all the panels on one roof, we don’t face due South and for aesthetic reasons we chose the black ones and reduced our system to 2.75KW. Chiltern Solar understood our needs, unlike the others, and despite this limited system we are generating/saving enough electricity to pay for it in just under 8 years! The service we received from first phone call to completion could not be faulted and I would strongly recommend Chiltern Solar to anybody wishing to install PV panels.

R.Shipway – Bicester, Oxon

Solar PV – St Albans, Hertfordshire

Thanks very much for an excellent solar installation. We found the service very professional. You came out on the same day we called in order to look at the site and then came up with suggestions on a timely basis. We liked the fact that you listened to what we wanted, particularly relating to the look of the array (as it’s on the front of the house). Also, you were very flexible in fitting around the timing of our building works, including rearranging the installation date when required. You then came back on a separate occasion to fit the Solar i-Boost.

All is working as hoped. The array is generating the amount of electricity it’s meant to and the Solar i-Boost is working very well and meeting all our hot water needs during sunny weather. Having the array is also helping to keep the loft room cooler by reflecting / absorbing the sun and providing another layer of insulation.

Throughout it all we felt you listened to what we wanted with none of the excessive sales push often associated with the solar industry. Many thanks and I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

T.Gosling – St Albans, Hertfordshire

Solar PV – Ivinghoe, Bedfordshire

We selected Chiltern Solar because of their straight forward approach to sales. No pushy sales techniques and no manipulation of figures to make their quote appear more attractive. The installation team were polite and easy to have around the house and importantly the Chiltern Solar Representative was there for every stage of the process. We had particular requirements for the visual appearance of the PV panels and couldn’t have asked for a better result. All work in the house was carried out neatly so over all could not be happier. Highly recommended.

A.Beezer – Ivinghoe, Bedfordshire

Solar Panels – Reading, Berkshire

We spent literally months investigating, trying to make sense of all the data available, including Government internet sites. We then selected four companies to quote and advise us on the best way to go because, we are very cautious people and do not trust easily.

Company one, was way over priced and tried to baffle us with science – Company two, couldn’t be bothered – Company three, was good but we didn’t feel confident enough. Company four, Chiltern Solar – no sales patter just information, guidance and a price. More support than you can shake a stick at. (All the way through) If we have a question or issue now or in the future, we just pick up the phone and the support is there. Don’t think it gets much better than that.

We are very impressed with the way everything came together. We knew what was happening at every stage, from the agreement to completion. Very experienced and knowledgeable staff –clean and tidy. Apart from the panels on the roof and a few little components in other places, you wouldn’t even know the work had been carried out.

To give an idea of what’s what – the system is 4Kw, the work was completed on the 23rd Jan 2015. The first meter reading was 1.2 Kwh and on the 23rd March it was 398.1 Kwh. The weather over the two months has not been that good but, we think we have done very well. We also had I-boost unit fitted. To date the amount of energy diverted to heat the hot water tank is 51.68 Kwh.

P.Crouch – Reading, Berkshire

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